Seva & karma Yoga

Sattva yoga studio organizes many selfless seva ( social service) projects for the welfare of society. Karma yoga is the prerequisite qualification for moving ahead in the Spiritual path.Some of our Seva activities :

1. Free Yoga sessions at Old-age home :

Sattva Yoga Studio holds free yoga, meditation sessions for residents of Old age home gifting them with mental peace and physical health.

2. Free yoga camp for poor & needy :

Free yoga sessions are held at Sattva yoga studio and at other places on regular intervals for poor people suffering from diseases.

3. Food & Clothing distribution among under privileged :

Sattva yoga organizes free food and clothes distribution for urban & rural poor at village and slums.

4. Free distribution of Bhagvad Geeta & other vedic texts :

Every year yogic texts, upanishads and Bhagvad Geeta are distributed among interested people for propagation of yogic knowledge, Gyan yagna vedic wisdom sessions are also organised.

5. Tree plantation :

More than 500 trees have been planted by Sattva Yoga studio in kolkata.