Our Workshop

Workshop with Indian Military on yoga & meditation

On the occasion of 4th International Yoga Day SATTVA YOGA CENTER had the privilege to teach yoga to the indian military personnel & their families . A week long workshop was held by sattva yoga centre for army personnel , their families & children .

Workshop with Rotary club on “Yoga The Path To Inner Peace.’’

Yog acharya Shri.Suvaditya Gupta was invited as a Guest Speaker at Rotary Club kolkata Mahanagar Event held at Hotel Hindustan International kolkata. He spoke on the topic Yoga : The path to inner peace.

Workshop with Indian Oil Corporation on International Yoga Day

A workshop at Indian Oil Corporation was held focusing on health problems of corporate lifestyle On the 5th International Yoga Day Sattva Yoga Centre conducted Yoga awareness programme at Indian Oil Corporation & Institute of Business Management & Research.

Workshop with Haldia Petrochemicals on yoga for Corporate Stress Management

A workshop was held at haldia petrochemicals to make the corporate participants aware of benefits of meditation to reduce stress.

Workshop at Indian Life Saving Society

A talk on meditation the journey to the self was oranized by ladie’s circle of indian life saving society club in Kolkata

Workshop on yoga at Ganges Voyager Cruise

A five day workshop on Luxury Cruise including practical experience of yoga, pranayama, meditation with enlightening talks on yoga was held at ganges voyager for international particiapnats.

Talk on yoga for youth at Jadavpur University Community Radio

Jadavpur University Community Radio Station invited yog Acharya Suvaditya Gupta to deliver a talk on yoga for youth, where various physcial & emotional health problems of youth were discused.