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Yoga is India's gift to mankind. Yoga is not mere physical exercise but a profound ancient science of physical & mental wellbeing. Yoga is a part of the ancient Vedic knowledge system, it is one of the six Astik darshanas ; since time immemorial, people in Bharat have been practicing yoga- in various Upanishads we find references of yogic practices. In the Yoga Sutras, Maharishi Patanjali defines yoga as 'Chitta Vritti Niroddha', that means yoga is the cessation of fluctuating thought patterns. The Yamas and Niyamas form the foundation of Ashtanga yoga practice without them the discipline of yoga does not yield desired results. In the contemporary time yoga is looked upon as a remedy to many lifestyle disorders. Numerous studies have proved the efficacy of yoga as a panacea for countless modern maladies - be it physical, emotional or social. Since 2012, Sattva Yoga Centre has been involved in dissemination of authentic yogic knowledge. People from all over the world have come to Sattva for authentic yogic learning. The motto of sattva yoga centre is to preserve the authenticity of this traditional wisdom of yoga, as an ancient science of spiritual upliftment & physical wellbeing. Sattva is a wellness centre renowned for managing modern health issues with traditional holistic wisdom of yoga. All classes at Sattva Yoga Studio are conducted by certified yoga instructors, our passionate instructors bring years of experience and expertise to help deepen your practice. The basic classes commence with Hatha Yoga for Mala sodhanam (purification) & balancing the prana vayus, thereby achieving an improvement in Guna traya. This helps an individual to feel physically more rejuvenated and emotionally settled. For advanced participants Raj yoga classes are held- Dhyana sessions are followed by knowledge sessions every week. This holistic approach of yoga at Sattva address the root cause of modern lifestyle diseases promoting physical, mental & spiritual wellbeing. At Sattva we follow a traditional system of learning ,we appreciate members to be learners and not customers. Strict discipline is to be maintained inside the studio. Regularity in classes is very essential to see any improvements. Yoga is a traditional wisdom which cannot be bought but needs devotion, dedication, perseverance to master it. In the last 12 years thousand of people have benefitted from our teachings; many have overcome their physical and emotional agonies and have found a new meaning of life. At Sattva Yoga Centre we emphasis on physical and spiritual aspect of yoga equally, regular meditation and knowledge sessions are held alongside physical yoga classes. Therapeutic yoga is one of our forte , special classes are held addressing the diseases and it plays a great role in helping people achieve a positive state of health. Modern lifestyle diseases like Arthritis, Hypertension, Diabetes, Insomnia, Migraine, Obesity, IBS ,Constipation, Indigestion, COPD, PCOD etc are very well managed with Therapeutic yoga alongside modern treatments. At Sattva we follow an integrated approach to yoga therapy where each and every koshas ( Pancha kosha ) of our existence is worked upon in order to promote holistic wellness. Yearly workshops on Shatakarma are held at Sattva. Our Stress Management sessions are therapeutic in managing stress and anxiety disorders. The peace and bliss that pervades Sattva Yoga Centre is an experience of lifetime. Atransformative journey of life awaits you at Sattva.

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